Nichole Hannahs

Emergency Shelter Ready

by Nichole Hannahs on January 23, 2013 at 6:53 am

One organization hopes that the cold temperatures will bring people indoors.

Officials at the Salvation Army in Zanesville said they are ready to shelter those who need to get out of the elements. Their shelter holds up to 35 people and includes a men’s and women’s dorm and a place for families. The shelter’s manager said they’ve received calls throughout the day from people looking for a place to go.

"If we can’t help them and we are full or we can’t up cots then we will direct them on someplace maybe they can go to find shelter," said Shelter Manager Karen Walker. "We don’t want anyone to be out in this type of weather."

Tuesday night members of our community will take to the streets in order to find homeless. It’s part of a point in time count to find out how many homeless are in our area. Those volunteering will pass out sleeping bags, food and educate those on the streets that there is help out there.

"My prayer is that we find nobody," said Walker. "My prayer is that everybody is in some type of shelter, but if we do we’ll get the word out there that says there is help out there for you."

Last year close to 100 volunteers took part in the homeless count.