Fieldhouse Foundation

by Katie McGraw on January 25, 2013 at 6:28 am

Today the Education Department issued guidance for schools across the country to make changes for sports programs for the disabled.

Schools must alter sports, within reason, for the disabled or create sports teams for special needs students. This federal mandate was excellent news for many, including The Zanesville Fieldhouse Foundation, which was created to serve the special needs community here in Muskingum and surrounding counties.

 Kent Zanon, the Director for Fieldhouse Foundation said, "We are currently are serving 62 families and 48 youth in the community and we provide for them, programs. Athletics programs that are therapy programs that are designed specifically for each individual according to the need that they have. Because it is called special needs for a reason; they have special needs. "

The Fieldhouse recognizes that being handicapped or having a family member with special needs is costly and this foundation is one way to help. They also allow the family members of the special needs to use the facility free of charge.

"Absolutely, because they feel engaged, because they are doing it with their families. They are not being taken to something, just for them alone. It becomes a family affair. I think that it empowers them to have a much greater experience. "

The Fieldhouse wants to get the word out that they want to serve the families with a special needs member and also they need help from the community to continue the positive program, either with your time, talent or treasure.