From Coaching to Painting

by Erika Brooks on January 7, 2013 at 10:21 am

A former Zanesville High School football coach has taken up a new hobby, art.

Ron Apperson coached at Zanesville for thirty-five years and two years ago, he decided to pick a paintbrush. The decision to begin painting has paid off as Ron and his wife are this month’s featured artists at Gallery G.

"We’re not featured here because we have such great artwork. I think we’re promoting husband and wife as a pair to do something that they can both share in and appreciate," said Apperson.

After coaching for so many years, Apperson is now getting to see life through the eyes of an artist instead of an athlete.

"When you’re playing you’re playing with other folks and you have to learn to blend in your talents with other people’s talents in order to make the team. Here mostly, this is just a one individual kind of sport," said Apperson.

Those interested in seeing Ron’s art as well as many other artists can visit Gallery G in the Masonic Temple downtown during the month of January.