House Fire in Dresden Update

by Katie McGraw on January 21, 2013 at 6:31 am

Two Dresden police officers are credited with saving the lives of two people in a burning home.

Dresden Fire Department Assistant Chief Harold Wolford says officers Brandon Hardesty and Curt Rogers were on patrol just after 3 AM and noticed a house on fire at 25 West 6th Street. The two police officers were able to help William Ripple and his wife from their burning home and then called the fire department. According to Ripple’s son, Robert, when the police notified his parents of the flames, the smoke detectors had not even gone off yet.  

"They were fine, they were asleep. The local police department were making their rounds and they woke them up because the roof was on fire. And I guess the anecdotal story for today was my dad said ‘Oh, you’re kidding?’ There wasn’t any smoke in the house when they got them up. It was good timing, potentially, possibly, saved a lot of anguish," Ripple said.  

Assistant Chief Wolford says when his crews arrived they found heavy smoke and fire coming from the roof of the home. Wolford say fire fighters were able to save a lot of the contents of the home but the home suffered major damage. Ripple said the insurance company has been notified but he figures the house is totaled.

"The west side of the house is okay, most of what we are salvaging out of it is furniture wise and other wise they didn’t have the fire there or the roof was still intact,so they didn’t get a lot of water on that end. But 70% of the house is pretty much water damage now. "

Investigators are still looking for the cause of the fire but according to Ripple, He assumes the cause was electrical.