Nichole Hannahs

Jamie’s Dream

by Nichole Hannahs on January 6, 2013 at 11:43 am

An area man hopes he can continue the work of a woman who has inspired him.

Chris Balsley said he first learned about Jamie’s Dream Team, when he had a family member going through major medical issues. The non-profit organization is based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and helps provide assistance and put a smile on the faces of those handicapped, disabled or suffering from other medical issues.

"Jamie Holmes inspires me by doing that and she does that in so many different way that when I talked to her and actually met with her she’s so inspiring," explained Balsley. "To continue, knowing that she had medical issues herself."

Balsley’s hope is that our community can come together to help promote her work by fundraising and joining with her organization to one day bring a chapter to Zanesville.

"We have Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus. We have people here locally and the counties surrounding us, but this would be a perfect location if they would choose it in the future for consideration."

To find out more about Jamie’s Dream Team visit the website linked to this story.