Nichole Hannahs

Month for Blood Donors

by Nichole Hannahs on January 6, 2013 at 4:23 am

The American Red Cross takes a negative and makes it a positive at a blood drive, Saturday.

When the organization had a blood drive location cancel their drive they relocated to the Colony Square Mall.

"Even if we have blood drives that cancel we still need to have the same amount of blood. People every day need blood products, I think it’s about every two seconds someone is receiving blood products," said Collection Specialist Kim Wallace. "We still have to have it."

The Red Cross set a goal of twenty pints of blood. Two donors helping to fill the need were Bob Paul and Brenda Wilson, both who’ve given blood before.

"One day you’re going to need it and you just hope that it is there," said Paul.

Wilson added, "I just want to help people. They actually say it’s good for you also because it replenishes your blood."

January is national blood donor month. There are three drives scheduled in Zanesville next week, one at Trinity United Presbyterian Church and Zane State College, January 7, the other at Foxfire High School on January 10th.