Muzzleloader Hunting Season

by Katie McGraw on January 7, 2013 at 6:24 am

Hunters have one more day to use a muzzleloader to hunt for deer.

This is the second set of dates for muzzleloaders this season, the first being in the middle of October for five days. This is the last non archery deer hunting date till next fall. According to Kathy McCann, of Dillon Falls Store, this last season has its pros and cons.

"One thing I have noticed is a lot of people, that have come in for muzzleloader, went out for gun season are saying they are seeing more deer right now and a lot of that has to do with the weather cause the weather changes, there is snow on the ground, they like that because they can track their deer better. Another issue has been, they shoot at their buck, it has antlers, by the time they find it, it doesn’t because they fell off because right now they are shedding, " said McCann.

McCann advises hunters not to pull their buck by the antlers because they will fall off and to be considered a buck it must have it’s antlers and at least one three inches long. For many hunters, such as Josh Davis, who got a healthy doe this morning, appreciate hunting with the muzzleloader compared to guns.

"Muzzleloader you have to have more patience, you have a lot better shot, it don’t tear up the meat, especially if you eat it and its just a lot cleaner kill," said Davis.

Davis says he plans to eat his deer but will wait about a week before getting it processed.