Parents: Handling Emergency Situations at Schools

by Katie McGraw on January 16, 2013 at 6:29 am

The fatal shootings at schools across the country has put parents on edge when it comes to the safety of their children.

This week’s bomb threat at Maysville High School caused a near panic among area moms and dads. The school used their system where parents received three phone calls updating the situation.

Monte Bainter, Superintendent in Maysville School District said, "just updating parents, you know just where everything stands because all sorts of rumors get flying around. So we wanted to make sure we are updating our parents as the search was happening. "

But what should parents do during such an emergency in school? Superintendent Bainter says there’s no perfect way for a parents to handle these types of incidents.

"With our parents and like I said, I think our parents did a phenomenal job with calling in, asking questions, some parents came in and got their students. I am never going to say a parent can’t come in and get their child, absolutely, we just need to make sure it is a safe and orderly process that we do. "

Maysville Director of Safety, Ric Roush, a 30 year police veteran, says the number one priority will always be the safety of the students. "And the other thing that is important to remember, is quite frankly our main goal a the beginning of all these things, is the safety of the children so that may mean parents are not notified immediately our main concern is the students quite frankly not the parents, " said Roush. 

Both Bainter and Roush complimented students, parents, staff and first responders with how the incident was handled. But will also work to make improvements.