Photography Exhibit Opens at Museum

by Kelly Choate on January 20, 2013 at 5:43 am

What is your most prized possession?  A Cleveland photographer based an entire exhibit on that question.

Today Charles Mintz stopped by the Zanesville Museum of Art to talk about his display of 21 photographs.  Each portrait depicts someone holding a carefully chosen "precious" object.

"Trevis brought his inmate card from 25 years ago and his library card," said Mintz.  "He wrote a poem about identity because Trevis wanted to talk about how far he had come and how people tend to base their ideas about others on very little real information."

Mintz photographed 175 people, beginning with family and friends, and then strangers all over the country.  Mintz said he was originally interested in the importance of objects in our consumer culture and wanted to photograph what kinds of objects people cherished most, but the outcome of the project surprised him.

"When I first started full-time photography five years ago, I figured I would make some great pictures, get famous, be on the cover of Time magazine, get rich, hang them on the walls and be done," said Mintz.  "I never thought an exhibit would have its own life like this one has."

Mintz will speak again on February 9 and sign copies of his book.  The exhibition closes on February 23.