Pinewood Derby

by Katie McGraw on January 21, 2013 at 12:44 pm

One of the premiere events for the Cub Scouts pack 121 from Dresden is the annual Pinewood Derby.

Today was the 42nd annual event where the scouts, grades first through fifth race their hand crafted car, each child is given a kit to build their vehicle including a block of wood, wheels and axles.

"They are given a set of rules that they have to go by and they build a car based on those rules and then they bring them in here and we weigh them and inspect them to make sure they are all within the rules and then we get to race them which is what we are doing right now, " said Cubmaster Dan Riley.

These rules include length, clearance requirement and weight. Kaleb Fisher, the only tiger of the pack spoke with WHIZ about his car. "With wood and nails and tires and paint. (His car was) orange because that is my favorite color," said Fisher.

The track is controlled by the computer and you get points based on the place you get. After thirty rounds the computer adds all the scores. The top five places for the unit will go on to a district race in March competing against the top five from Morgan and Perry counties.