Nichole Hannahs

Planning for Your Future

by Nichole Hannahs on January 2, 2013 at 6:31 am

If getting your finances in order is one of your new year’s resolutions the United Way is providing help.

The organization is hosting a six week series called, "Planning Your Financial Future," during the program they’ll cover topics like ways to be wealthy, insurance, mortgage and debts and basic estate planning. The classes will be taught by a local financial advisor.

"You have to be willing and say what are the next steps that I can take, whether you’re coming out of college, whether you’re almost ready to retire, but you want to say I want to make the most of the money that I have whether it’s a lot or it’s a little bit," said Community Impact Coordinator Amy Davis.

Davis said this is the fourth year for the program and during that time participants said they’ve been able to add more to their saving accounts and other have paid off credit cards.

"It’s a very personal issue to talk about your own finances, whether they’re good or bad is one thing that can get overwhelming and where do you start that type of thing. This series can really help take little chunk at little chunk. It may not provide all of the answers, but it provides tips and ways to go forward," said Davis.

The course starts January 8 and will be held at the John McIntire Library. There is a $30 per person fee that covers all six sessions. Contact Amy Davis at the United Way or 211 to register.