Pro Soccer Team in Zanesville

by Katie McGraw on January 28, 2013 at 6:38 am

The pro soccer team coming to Muskingum County is gearing up for their nearing season.

The Zanesville Athletic Futbol Club is affiliated with U.S. Soccer and is in the National Premiere Soccer League. So far, the team has had two tryout sessions, resulting in six players signing. They have another try out scheduled for March 24th at 4 PM.

Lou Cancasci, the General Manager of Zanesville AFC said, "we are looking for a surge of people in March but also we are scouting and signing players without trying out.  Obviously, if there is a player that played a big division one school or an ex-professional player that wants to play, they don’t really have to try out. So we are just looking to fill the team with the best talent to bring to Zanesville. "

In order to be effective, a pro team could have as many as 30 players in case of injuries. They hope to have a large enough roster by March to get enough training in before the season opener.

"Our first game is going to be May 10th but we are on the road. Our first home game is going to be May 19th at Maysville High School," Cancasci said. "Starting next week, Monday February 4th, is when we are going to be releasing our season ticket packages and individual game tickets."

To help build their brand, The Zanesville AFC has partnered up with Maysville High School and The Fieldhouse in order to promote the team and the season. For more information regarding the new team, visit their website at