West M Pushing For Levy

by Erika Brooks on January 16, 2013 at 9:52 am

After failing yet another levy in November, West Muskingum is gearing up to try again.

The West M levy committee attended a school board meeting to present the board with over 400 signatures on a petition to get the levy put back on the May ballot. Jen Allen, a member of the committee says the petition is proof the community wants the levy to pass.

"We need to regroup and try this again because this is something that’s essential to the district and we have a lot of supporters coming to us and saying this should have passed, and we wanted to harness that energy and really just try to run with that again," said Allen.

The next step in the process is educating the public on the true need of the levy, communicating to them that the district is down to the bare minimum.

"We don’t want to make any more cuts to jeopardize the education of the children and we want them to be able to tell the population the state has made cuts in the funding that we receive so because of that and also because of the lack of funding that we already were receiving because we’re a property rich district," said Allen.

The school board will vote on whether the levy will go on the ballot this spring, the decision may not be made until sometime next month.