Zanesville Police Department New Hires

by Erika Brooks on January 1, 2013 at 7:38 am

The Zanesville Police Department ended 2012 on a good note and have high hopes for 2013.

In the last year the police department hired seven new officers, five of whom are already out on their own. Chief Eric Lambes says the new officers are a blessing since there has been a shortage in the past.

"Things have started to turn around. The Mayor has approved replacing many of our officers, we’re still short a few but we’re very happy with what we have and it’s a lot easier to protect the citizens with a few more officers," said Chief Lambes.

Lambes says there have been some moves to open positions within the detectives bureau. He is very pleased with the new forces and hopes to hire even more in 2013.

"We’ve been lucky. The seven officers we’ve hired this year have been very good officers. We’ve very happy with the work that they’re putting out and their attitudes and I feel fortunate because to hire seven people which is a lot and for all of them to be working now and do a good job, we’re very fortunate," said Lambes.

Lambes added that 2013 should be easier financially than 2012 was, thanks to new resources the department now has.