1913 Flood Documentary

by Katie McGraw on February 12, 2013 at 7:03 am

A hundred years ago, a week long storm blew through the Midwest, rocking our region with ice, winds, tornadoes and torrential downpours causing The Great Flood of 1913,

It became known as Our Greatest Natural Disaster and as the monumental anniversary approaches, a native of Morgan County and professor at Ohio University Zanesville, Rick Shriver, wrote, produced, and edited a short documentary featuring historic information regarding the flood and old photographs he enhanced using current technology.

Rick Shriver said, "He took photographs using a wet collodion process, which produces a 5×7 glass negative. If you take a 5×7 negative, which is a large image and scan it, using 21st century technology, you get these incredibly detailed photographs."

Shriver described the tiny details of these photographs once they were larger and noted that hearing about the flood is a lot different than seeing water that is forty feet deep in the streets.

"The detail is remarkable and I think that is one of the things that drove me to put this piece together because I think a lot of people will really be surprised. They have probably never really seen the magnitude of this amazing weather event "

Shriver has chosen to air his documentary on the day the storm started, Thursday March 21st, at the Opera House in McConnelsville. He asks only for a donation to the opera house when you come to view the 21 minute film.