Animal Shelter Adoption Event

by Erika Brooks on February 8, 2013 at 6:44 am

If you’ve been waiting for your chance to adopt a dog from the shelter, now is the perfect time.

The Animal Shelter of Muskingum County will host an adoption event Saturday from 10 until 3 at Tractor Supply Company. There will be a variety of dogs and puppies of all ages availale to take home.

"When we do the adoption event we take cats and dogs that are pretty much ready to go. On occassion, there may be a vaccination or something that they might need but typically for those events we try to take the ones that are ready to go," said Executive Director, Jody Murray.

These types of adoption events are always successful for the shelter as it can sometimes be difficult to get the word out about available pets.

"With our location here people don’t always even know that we’re here because we’re set back off the road but we try to do several of these a year at different businesses here in town and it’s a good way to promote the adoption of the dogs that we have but it’s also a good way if people have any questions about the shelter we can help them at that time," said Murray.

Adoption fees vary with the age of the dog, but a basic price is $105 dollars, if it is an older dog the price will often be reduced, but that fee includes all vaccinations and spay or neutering services.