Backflow Preventors

by Erika Brooks on February 28, 2013 at 6:48 am

If you have ever had to deal with a sewer back-up into your home you know how awful a problem it can be. 

The city of Zanesville is reminding area residents of the importance of having a backflow device installed in your home. In fact an ordinance requires all homes within the city limits to have some type of backflow preventor. Public Service Director Mike Sims says there are three different types that cost between 30 and 200 dollars.

"Essentially goes in the basement drain and the screws tighten up and it expands the plug which then wedges it into that basement drain. The next least expensive item has a check valve in it that pivots that allows the flow to come through the house and out to our system, but when water tries to back up from the street, it shuts that valve thus blocking any backflow. One of the ultimate ones, that we would recommend for any new construction this can be put down as deep as it needs to be and you can have extension risers that brings this up to the surface," said Sims.

Any plumber can install the devices. Once installed, the preventors need to be checked at least twice a year. Preferably in the fall and spring to remove build-up and debris so they continue to work correctly.