Car Washing in the Winter

by Katie McGraw on February 18, 2013 at 6:36 am

Salt and grime cover cars all throughout the winter season and many consider washing their cars for cosmetic or cleanliness purposes only.

However, according to Squiggly’s Car Wash on Maple Avenue in Zanesville, getting the car washed including the undercarriage, is important for more than just the looks.

Jason Wilkin, Manager of Squiggly’s Car Wash said, "Most people think that because the car is clean on the outside, that they are okay, but what most people don’t know, is that underneath the car and the hood gets a lot of salt which can cause rust. "

If you do not wash your car frequently in the winter or only do the basic exterior wash, it could cost you later.

"Well, you are just setting yourself up to get the rust and to get the muck and the road grease and other things that get stuck up on your car that you just don’t see. Could hurt your resale value of your car. "

Also, Squiggly’s will still wash your car in very cold weather, they dry out the car well, including the doors, windows and wipers inside to prevent freezing.