Nichole Hannahs

City Council Passes Budget

by Nichole Hannahs on February 11, 2013 at 9:10 am

A budget is now in place for the City of Zanesville.

Monday night the city passed a budget that will allow the police department to get three new police cruisers and repair the roof of the fire house. It will also help replace aging water lines. 

"Police cruisers are always in service for us," said City Council Member Steve Kilpatrick. "They are always on the street so they got a lot of mileage and get worn out so it’s just essential that we have them in good working order with the fire truck I understand from the Mayor that we’ve welded the frame of the truck twice in order to try and repair it and it keeps breaking."

The budget was passed under emergency language because City Council and the Budget and Finance Committee, which drafts the budget have been reviewing it for some time. Though it was passed it doesn’t mean it is set in stone.

"Throughout the year there are modifications made to the budget usually recommended by the Budget and Finance Director, but just to make adjustments as the year goes along," said Kilpatrick.

For the first time four years the city was able to put enough money back to pay operating expenses for two months, which is the minimum recognized by the State of Ohio. They’ll also try and get a grant to pay for a $450,000 fire truck for the Zanesville Fire Department.

In other council news, a moral claim brought against the city for over $7,000 was amended to just over $1,900. Council also asked Sharon and Larry Young, of Pine Street, to sign a document absolving the city of further action before payment will be made.