City of Zanesville’s Salt Supply

by Katie McGraw on February 4, 2013 at 9:36 am

After such a mild season last winter, the City of Zanesville had an overage of salt and struggled with where to store this excess.

The city is required to buy 80% of the total bid amount that the city placed with the Ohio Department of Transportation the year before. Prices vary from year to year because they are dependent on the weather of the winter prior, therefore, due to the quiet winter last year, the reflective price was lower. 

Mike Sims, Zanesville Public Service Director said, "last year’s price was a little steep, they went from 60 dollars to a little over 40 a ton for this year because of the mild winter last year so at least the cost is less to us. "

With a more active winter season this year, Sims says he thinks the city is in good shape for the amount of salt they currently have but only if the winter stays on par.

"We still have to purchase that minimum amount anyway, but it will alleviate the need to buy as much perhaps. If it just continues at the same pace. If we have a bad February with an extreme amount of snow, we could end up right back at square one. "

Sims says, in the spring they will see where the supply is at and if there is room to store more salt, they may purchase the salt at that time for the cheaper rates.