College Goal Sunday A Success

by Erika Brooks on February 10, 2013 at 11:51 am

Area students received help when it came to getting money for college during "College Goal Sunday"

The free event, presented by the Ohio Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators was held at Zane State College to assist students and parents with completing the FAFSA. Over one hundred students attended. Creators behind the event were optimistic that it would show students how easy it is to apply for financial aid.

"We’re hoping it does help a lot of people realize oh that is something I can do, if I fill out my FAFSA because at the end of the FAFSA it tells you how much you’re eligible to receive and lot of students don’t realize that they are eligible for the Pell Grant or the subsidized loan or unsubsidized loan it’s out there they just don’t know how to fill it out to do it," said College Goal Chair, Stacy Bernard.

Volunteers from Zane State were on hand to help. This was the sixth year for "College Goal Sunday" and the event once again proved be successful.

"I actually just had one of the volunteers tell me that the person that came in to do their FAFSA thanked them so much, they said that they could not have done this without our help," said Bernard.

For those who missed "College Goal Sunday", you can still get help by contacting the financial aid office of the college you plan on attending.