Nichole Hannahs

County Looks At Demolitions

by Nichole Hannahs on February 4, 2013 at 9:45 am

The county looks to demolish houses left vacant.

Fourteen properties within the county from Roseville to New Concord to Otsego are on the list to be demolished through the "Moving Ohio Forward Grant."

"We trying to eliminate the decrease in property value, illegal activity that’s going on in some of these houses with arson. Some of the homeless people or just teenagers are just breaking into them," said Muskingum County Community Development Director Shelia Samson. "People are stealing things."

Muskingum County has over $200,000 to use for their portion of the grant. $75 million has been allocated among all of Ohio’s counties through the Ohio Attorney General’s Office. The county must get permission to tear down  these properties.

"There’s a couple that we’re having  trouble contacting, so we’re having to do a little more work to try and get a hold of them to see if they are willing to give us permission to raise their properties," explained Samson.

Samson said that anyone in the county that knows of a home that should be demolished should contact her office at (740) 455-7193. The City of Zanesville also has a portion of money that they are using to tear down homes within the city.