Democatic Response to State of the State Address

by Katie McGraw on February 20, 2013 at 6:25 am

Governor John Kasich delivered his state of the state address Tuesday evening in Lima. Today the Ohio Democratic Party is reacting to it.

Kasich made his case for passing a sweeping budget whose elements, he says, work closely together to fix taxes, help businesses and the poor and educate the states future workforce. This afternoon in Zanesville, The Ohio democratic party held a news conference to react to the Governor’s plan.

Frank Fleischer was the spokesman. "These new sales taxes are everything from movie tickets to bowling alleys to even funeral expenses. Or for closure fillings aimed to pay for one thing, Governor Kasich is driven by an unbending partisan nature to give a hand out for his political friends and the very wealthy," Fleischer said.

Democrats also said the Governor’s State of the State speech was not detail oriented.

"The Governor left a lot of details out of his speech like how under his tax proposals for those making over 350,000 a year would receive a 10,000 dollar give away. In fact, for the people here in Muskingum County, if you make less than 51,000 dollars a year, under Governor Kasich’s tax plan, you’re going to pay more than you do now. "

Today’s event was held at the Muskingum County Democratic Party Headquarters in Downtown Zanesville.