George Hiotis

Governor Backs Federal Medicaid Expansion

by George Hiotis on February 4, 2013 at 1:36 am

Governor John Kasich wants to expand Medicaid under the Federal Health Care Law to cover more people in the state.  The Governor’s decision announced Monday is likely to face opposition within his own party from conservatives against President Barack Obama’s Health Care Law.  Kasich has criticized the law as well as its potential long-term costs.  The state thinks 365,000 Ohioans will be eligible for coverage under the expansion right away and expect to get $2.4 Billion in federal funds over the next two years for the expansion.  A group of Ohio doctors and hospitals, including Genesis HealthCare, backs the idea.  The U.S. Supreme Court left it up to states last year to decide whether to expand Medicaid.  Kasich now will need to persuade the republican-controlled state legislature to go along.