Groundhog Day Auction

by Katie McGraw on February 3, 2013 at 5:12 am

Tonight was the Muskingum County Community Foundation’s Annual Groundhog Day Auction at the Ohio University Zanesville/ Zane State Campus Center

Many community locals showed up for the yearly fundraiser featuring auctions, raffles and food.

 Ryan Moyer, Chair of the MCCF Council said, "our largest annual and most successful fundraising event, we have netted approximately 32 thousand dollars a year and our goal is quite lofty this year: to surpass the 40 thousand dollar mark. We got a great audience and great folks here to support the foundation. So we think tonight is going to be a great night. "

The turnout, according to Moyer, was great, even with the inclement weather. This is exactly what the foundation hopes for in order to reach their fundraising goal and it’s a benefit to have a larger audience to watch the community leadership honorees accept their awards. This evening the two awards were The Brian Wagner Award given to Dan and Karen Vincent and the second was The Civic Leadership Award in Memory of Dick Johnson given to Rob Joseph.

"We have the largest audience and we can recognize those individuals that have given to our community in more ways than most and its the best way to really acknowledge them and what they have done not just for the foundation but the greater Muskingum County Area in general. "

All the proceeds go to the Community Foundation and Scholarship Central for Youth Scholarships.