Lego Competition

by Erika Brooks on February 10, 2013 at 8:22 am

A unique competition made it’s way to Zanesville for another year.

A lego competition took place Saturday afternoon at the John McIntire Library for kindergarten through 12th grade students. This year over fifty kids participated in the building competition. A panel of three judges chose first and second place as well as two honorable mentions.

"All of them have a background in legos they work with legos and they know a little bit about lego competition and they come in and they look through carefully at what the kids do and they look at them to see if they follow our theme. Our theme was "Into the Future" this year and then they also look to see if they’re well built and how creative they are too," said Librarian David Stout.

The competition was established with the kids in mind. Creators hope it will provide a learning experience but also a fun outlet for kids on a Saturday afternoon.

"We can say that we want to promote communication and different skills but in fact we really hope they have a good time, is what we hope and they seem to have a really good time," said Stout.

The winners will have their creations on display in the library for the rest of the month.