Lorena Sternwheeler Removal

by Erika Brooks on February 14, 2013 at 6:30 am

Bids have opened for the moving of the Lorena Sternwheeler to a dry dock for inspection.

Every five years the sternwheeler needs to be pulled from the Muskingum River and inspected by the coast guard. At the commissioner’s office, one bid was entered to handle the project.

"We did the same bid that we did five years ago because not very many people around do that kind of work," said Bill Dingey with Dingey Movers, Inc.

Dingey Movers have managed the removal several times in the past and are well equipped with handling the process and say it will only take five days in all to pull the boat out of the river.

"We put steel plates out in the river, approximately 50 foot on each side so the dollies don’t go down in the mud, put beams out on the road and weld the dollies to the beams, just like making a big trailer and pulling the trailer right back out," said Dingey.

The commissioners said they would look over the bid and make a final decision. The removal of the sternwheeler will start in a couple of weeks and the boat will be back in the water by the beginning of May.