Ohio Fishing Regulations

by Erika Brooks on February 22, 2013 at 6:16 am

Some big changes are coming to fishing in Ohio this spring and summer.

For the first time anglers are able to buy their 2013-2014 fishing license one week early. Friday is the first day 2013 licenses are valid for use. Those with their 2012 licenses can still use them until February 28th. It’s a good idea to quickly purchase a license because changes have been made to area fishing regulations.

"You do want to come in and get your fishing regulation book, there’s some changes in there on the AEP ponds and the amount of fish, bass specifically so you do want to come in and get your fishing regulation and know what’s changed," said Kathy McCann with the Dillon Falls Store.

The price has not changed on a license for an Ohio resident, it remains at 19 dollars. Anyone 15 and under can fish for free. As always, everyone must purchase a license, except private land owners who fish on their own property.

"You need to have your fishing license on your person when you get checked, he’s going to want to see your license and then he can run that number and validate who you are," said

Fishing season will begin to heat up around the middle of March but this year thanks to the cold, a lot of fishermen took advantage and ice-fished throughout the winter.