Police Department Uses Simulation Training

by Mackenzie Stasko on February 19, 2013 at 6:46 am

The Zanesvile Police Department is advancing it’s training through high-tech simulation scenarios.

The training is offered through the Ohio Attorney General’s Peace Officer Training Academy. Zanesville Police Captain, Tony Coury says that this type of advanced training will educate officers on new techniques.

"We applied with the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy in London, Ohio, asked them if  we can get involved in the simulator training that they were offering. They have a shooting simulator and a driving simulator, and they will be here for the three days working with our officers," Coury said.

More than 50 Zanesville police officers will be trained by professionals to advance and develop new skills. Each officer will get two hours of training through different scenarios and real-life situations. Captain Coury hopes this training will make Zanesville residents feel safer knowing that police offers are continuing their education.

"Continuous education, were always pressing that, and the State of Ohio asked us to continue some type of education, so when it comes available, it’s nice to take advantage of it," Coury said.

The simulation training will take place at police headquarters Tuesday-Thursday this week.