Snow Doesn’t Stop Support For Troops

by Kelly Choate on February 3, 2013 at 5:09 am

It may sound strange to hold a yard sale in February, but a Zanesville non-profit organization is hoping the weather won’t keep people away.

Operation Spirit is always looking for ways to support our troops.  Director Melodie Pittman said that for just a few dollars, customers can fill a bag with certain items from the store.

"It kind of relieves some cabin fever," said Pittman.  "I wasn’t here yesterday, but we had a really good result.  We sold about $400 worth of items, and we have plenty of things left.  Since we sold some stuff, we even have room now to put a few more things out."

Pittman said Operation Spirit organized a similar event back in October with equal success.  The organization will use the proceeds to cover the rising cost of shipping care packages overseas.

"It was $234 to mail 11 packages, and my heart stopped a little, because that’s about $60 more than it would normally be, so it was definitely a shock," said Pittman.  "We’re going to have to change the way we ship packages and look into other options."

Pittman said she’s grateful for the support from the community.  Operation Spirit is located at 1417 Linden Avenue.