Nichole Hannahs

Students Receive Special Gift

by Nichole Hannahs on February 7, 2013 at 6:47 am

From miles away a gift makes its way to students in Zanesville.

As a class project the kindergarten and first grade students at John McIntire Elementary sent letters to soldiers as part of a lesson on how to write a letter.  Each student had their own solider to write to.

"Several asked if they were married. Do they have children? And we have several students in our class that actually their parents or brother or sisters are soldiers, so we talked about how it was difficult to be far away from home and missing your family, missing Zanesville and the Ohio area," said 1st Grade Teacher Marla Walker.

The cards arrived just two days before Christmas. One of the soldiers receiving a card was Keely Bunting. As a thank you to the students she presented a flag that flew on a C-130-H cargo plane from Japan to Djibouti, Africa. Her younger brothers attend John McIntire. Coen is in the first grade. She said they look forward to getting letters from home.

"It’s really indescribable because Coen specifically wrote me my card and it just an awesome soldier and like I said it’s indescribable feelings, it’s joy. Everybody had smiles," said Sgt. Bunting.

Along with the flag she presented Walker and the school with certificates. The flag will be placed in the trophy case at John McIntire. Bunting has been home for just over two weeks. She returns to her unit in Pittsburgh on Friday.