Tickets Available for Zanesville QB Club Stag

by Katie McGraw on February 25, 2013 at 6:36 am

Tickets are now available for the annual Zanesville Quarterback Club Stag.

The annual event for the Zanesville High School football team is the largest fundraising event and will be on March 21st at the Eagles Lodge at 6 p.m.. where guests will enjoy a fabulous dinner and raffle.

ZHS Football Coach, Chad Grandstaff said, "Which is one of our bigger fundraisers for our football program that includes a steak dinner from the winerak and $1000 dollar drawing, we up it from $500 up to 1000 drawing, and we will also be giving away two flat screen TVs and two android tablets."

Tickets are fifty dollars and you can pre-register or buy a ticket at the door.

"And just be part of the program and a lot of people anytime they get the opportunity to give back to the kids and our football program they do that so we usually have around 150-175 people there but its a big night for us 04 and a great time by those who come. "

The benefit happens to fall on the first day of the NCAA Basketball Tournament, so the club will have the games on the TV, adding to the sport loving event.