Winter Storm Prep

by Erika Brooks on February 21, 2013 at 6:35 am

The next winter storm to hit our area may be more of an ice event than a snow event….so prepping for what’s to come makes handling it much easier.

The Sunrise Do-It Center says the best thing people can do is pre-treat their walkways with de-icer. One of the easiest ways is with "Liquid Snow Shovel", once applied the liquid stays for up to two weeks and prevents ice from forming on sidewalks and steps.

"If they do their steps with that it’ll help because ice is something you’re really not going to be able to shovel off. After the storm gets here, about the only choice they have is put salt to it or ice-melter, or another source is go out and spread sand to give you some traction so you don’t fall down," said Sunrise Do-It Center Manager, Don Miller.

Another big problem during an ice storm is getting into your car in the morning. Miller says the worst thing a person can do is dump hot water on the windshield or windows of their vehicle since it could crack the glass. He says there is an even better way to handle a frozen car.

"Car-wise about the only thing you can do there is put a sheet of plastic or something like that over it to keep the ice off so you can peel the plastic off," said Miller.

It’s also a good idea to keep an ice-scraper and even a bag of sand in your car in case a storm hits when you are traveling or at work.