Zanesville Noon Rotary Club is Seeking New Members

by Katie McGraw on February 19, 2013 at 6:51 am

The Zanesville Noon Rotary Club is in recruitment mode.

It is looking for enthusiastic members who are interested in serving their communities, working on international projects, expanding their network and building their leadership skills.

 Mollie Crooks, President Elect of Zanesville Rotary said, "One of the things we would like to do, is let folks know some of the misperceptions of rotary and Rotarians, it’s not your grandfather’s or father’s rotary club. We are looking for new exciting ideas and projects and those projects will come about because of the new members we recruit."

Crooks says the timing for acquiring new members is perfect for one of their important projects.

"This timing is also a great kickoff for a very important fundraising project the rotary does, it is our annual rotary rose sale. People know the roses but they might not know that the dollars there, they’re donating to buy those roses help with community projects. So we are asking folks to support our rotary fundraising projects and in turn make and build a better community and better world."

If you are interested in joining Rotary Club, contact Mollie Crooks or check out their website for meeting dates and times.