4-H Week

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 4, 2013 at 6:36 am

The Muskingum County Commissioner’s Office signed a proclamation to recognize 4-H week in Muskingum County. It’s a way for the organization to let the community know what the program is about and how it can benefit Muskingum County’s youth. 4-H is a nationwide organization and is offered in every county in Ohio. The program is designed to develop life skills in young people.

"There are over 170 projects that are offered to 4-H members. They are organized into 4-H clubs so they take a project but they also take part in a 4-H club which they do various activities like learning how to run a business meeting, community service, learn public speaking, all of those kinds of things," said 4-H Extension Educator, Vicki Reed.

Raising livestock, photography, sewing and cooking are among some of the other activities that are offered through 4-H. There are over 80 4-H clubs in Muskingum County for local kids to join. In celebration of 4-H week, there will be activities and fundraisers for young kids to learn more about the program.

"We’re doing a 4-H kick-off tomorrow evening at Rolling Plaines United Methodist Church. It’s kind of a kick-off for the new 4-H year where people can come in, do fun activities but also come and learn about what 4-H is and how they might get involved in a club."

For more information on Muskingum County’s 4-H club and their upcoming events,  you can go to www.muskingum.osu.edu to learn more.