Breast-feeding Cafe

by Katie McGraw on March 12, 2013 at 7:04 am

For new moms there are always several questions and concerns they have regarding breast-feeding.

New research and information is always coming out that is is the healthiest route for a mom to take for her baby. The group women, infant and children offers a breast-feeding cafe every month for Moms to gather to learn more.

Breast-Feeding Peer Helper Lisa Davidson said, "Talk and hang out and talk about what questions they have and sometimes we have a topic like this month we have, it’s national nutrition month so we will be doing some our health professionals will be having some food displays and demonstrations and samples and so it should be fun for even the toddlers that they are coming with the moms as well."

The moms also gain valuable information about the laws and rights mothers have regarding breast-feeding.

"It’s actually a right for them to able to breast-feed, it’s an Ohio law. It was passed back in in September of 2005, that moms have the right to breast-feed where they have a right to be. So not a lot of people know about that and we try to get the word out to let people know that they can’t actually ask moms to leave. "

The next breast-feeding cafe is tomorrow from 10 AM to noon at 333 Putnam Avenue in Zanesville