“Caution High Water: Before, During and After the Flood” is Available for Purchase

by Katie McGraw on March 12, 2013 at 6:45 am

For the past few weeks on WHIZ TV we have aired a dozen 90 second clips remembering the Great 1913 Flood in our area.

Now these small clips will be compiled into a DVD and will be available for purchase for twenty dollars through The John McIntire Library.

Assistant Director, Blair Tom said, "And so much interest has been expressed in having a copy that WHIZ Media Group has agreed to make those available late March early April, so people who are interested are welcome to contact the library we will take you contact information. "

Also, the proceeds from the purchased flood videos will go right back into projects in order to create a historic exhibit for the flood.

"A wonderful outcome from this, is the proceeds from the sale of the DVD will support a permanent exhibit at the pioneer and historical society for the 1913 flood, so it is the integral legacy piece that we were hoping for would be an outcome from this project. "

Also this Saturday is the second of the weekend library events where historian Tom Brown will be speaking and sharing nearly 80 images of the 1913 flood.