Nichole Hannahs

City Seeks Input from Residents

by Nichole Hannahs on March 5, 2013 at 6:37 am

The City of Zanesville is looking for input from the community.

The city is holding a public hearing to discuss this year’s Community Development Block Grant. Last year the city turned its focus on the Woodlawn Avenue/Moxahala Avenue area due to a sewer separation project taking place. It will stay in focus again this year as many more improvements need to take place.

"The majority of projects for neighborhood revitalization is to help with the livability and the quality of life and the functionality of the neighborhood," said Community Development Director Stacy Clapper. "So, what we’re looking at is those projects that benefit everyone in the area."

Those projects could include improving infrastructure like water, sewer and streets or improving parks. But, the city wants to hear from those living in the area to determine what is important to them.

"We’re looking for citizen participation we want to hear from the neighborhood and what their needs are and also what their desires are, especially in areas like the parks. What would they like to see in the park itself, so we’re looking for input," said Clapper.

This year the city expects to be eligible for over a $130,000 in CDBG grants. The city will also apply for either a neighborhood revitalization or downtown revitalization grant. Those interested in voicing their opinions and learning more about the grants should attend a public meeting Monday, March 18th at 3:30p.m. at the Municipal Building.