Cupcake War Fundraiser

by Katie McGraw on March 20, 2013 at 7:02 am

Operation Feed is a program established through the Hunger Network that supplies many food pantries around the area.

With more people requiring the assistance Operation Feed has several fundraisers and one of it’s favorites is the cupcake war event.

Patsy McDonald,  from Adult Protection Services said, "We decided we wanted to make a difference in lives of people so we thought that would be a fun way for people coming out experiencing different tasting cupcakes as well as donating their lunch money- $4. And participating and judging for our cupcake war."

Your four dollars will get you a ham sandwich, chips and cupcake of your choice. You will also get to participate in the peoples choice award. For first, second and third place there are three judges from different agencies judging the various cupcakes.

Family Stability Worker, Family Stabilty worker said, "The Sheriff, Kerry Haddox, and Mr. Boyer will be the judges and last year they didn’t even really want any sandwiches after they ate 23 cupcakes. "

The cupcake war is tomorrow from 11 to 1 pm at Muskingum County Child Protective Services which is located in the Sheriff Office building on the East Pike. The event is open to the public.