Nichole Hannahs

Dancing Competition Kicks Off

by Nichole Hannahs on March 8, 2013 at 8:15 am

It’s time to put on your dancing shoes and get ready to dance like a diva.

Friday, Dancing with the Dvas kicked off their 3rd season of the celebrity dance competition. Each celebrity met their dancing with the diva’s partner and can now begin practice for this year’s competition. Unlike year’s past this year the divas chose their own dance partners.

"They need to choose a dance style and music and what they want to try and do is be as different and as unique as they can possibly be and have fun," said Artistic Director Trudy Cultice. "Dancing doesn’t have to be about the steps, but it’s about reaching out to the audience and just showing how much fun it can be."

One of this year’s celebrity dancers is former Zanesville Basketball player and personal trainer at Genesis Dakota Matz. Matz said he’s not nervous to dance, but has never done anything formal before.

"At some school dances, but nothing formal," joked Matz. "I didn’t take formal dancing when I was younger or anything like that so this is my first experience with that."

This year’s dancing competition will take place on July 27th at Eaglesticks. Tickets go on sale April 1 at Wade’s Clothing. In the first two seasons of Dancing with the Divas over $40,000 was raised for area charities.

Here’s a complete list of who will be dancing this season:

Mike Durant and Anne Agin-Eastside Community Ministry

Ron Thomas and Debbon Kappes-Muskingum County Community Foundation

Eric Williams and Jessica Perrin-Alzheimer’s Research Fund in Neurology at Ohio State

Dakota Matz and Sarah Cultice-Muskingum Recreation Center

Kevin Knapp and Debi Grubb-Big Brothers Big Sisters

Bruce Barclay and Tere Barclay-Muskingum Residentials-Sentivany House and Toys for Tots

Mick Amicone and LeAnne Bader Mock-The Fieldhouse Foundation "Field of Dreams"

Matt Lutz and Kelly Mott-Operation Feed