Decreased Crashes on Maple Avenue

by Katie McGraw on March 26, 2013 at 6:23 am

The Ohio Department of Transportation today released preliminary results from a safety study about Maple Avenue in Zanesville.

O-DOT says the three year study shows that the concrete medians installed in 2009 between Military Road and Country Club Drive have lead to a 47% decrease in crashes.

Captain Tony Coury of Zanesville Police Department said, "ODOT said they wanted to put a center median was because we had so many crashes involved with vehicles that were turning, making left hand turns, to any of the business in that area. They wanted to try reduce that "

Captain Coury says, while crashes involved in left hand turns have decreased, problems with other types of accidents, such as rear end collisions, have not changed for the better.

"It decreased our angle crashes in that area we may have inadvertently caused more accidents in the outside areas; Center Drive and other sides streets where people are now trying to avoid the center median."

O-DOT says these preliminary results indicate that the median is having the desired effect for maple avenue and motorists are able to get to this area with a greater degree of safety and efficiency.