Nichole Hannahs

Emergency Landing

by Nichole Hannahs on March 8, 2013 at 8:01 am

A Zanesville man opens up about his experience aboard a Lear jet that made an emergency landing in St. Louis.

Kelly Hartman and two others from Zanesville were traveling with Representatives from Dragon Products on Monday to go to Beaumont, Texas from Wooster when pilots informed them their plane was experiencing a malfunction with its landing gear. They found the front wheel was turned 90 degrees.

"Everything was fine until we got below Columbus," said Hartman. "The pilot said that we had a malfunction and the main thing was he said he was going to try and get it fixed, so he came on about a half hour later and said we’re diverting to St. Louis."

Hartman said the diversion didn’t make him worried and everyone continued to talk business. The plane began maneuvers to fix the problem that included burning off fuel.

It wasn’t until the plane had to fly straight up and drop back down twice that passengers became nervous.

"The second time when he did it, it shut the window shades in the plane. That’s how hard we came back down," explained Hartman. "He was trying to get it to shift the wind to try and get the nose gears straightened back up."

Hartman said the last 30 seconds to a minute when landing in St. Louis they were told to take the emergency crash position and it wasn’t until breakfast the next morning reality set in.

"I think God was looking after us to be honest with you," said Hartman. "I think we all said a prayer before we hit the tarmac and everything. We were lucky that the gear wasn’t locked in place and that when he landed he hit the right break and straightened the wheel up and then we were straight coming down."

Hartman said that the heroes of the event were their pilots Josh and Miles who landed them safely.