Farmer’s Share Breakfast

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 25, 2013 at 6:20 am

Over 500 people attended the Farmer’s Share Breakfast at Zanesville High School, Saturday morning. The fourth annual breakfast was cooked by about 80 local Future Farmer’s of America students and farmer’s from around Muskingum County.

"It’s just an educational opportunity to bring the pubic out and meet some of the local farmers who are growing their food. We also have a lot of agricultural displays around the room and there’s a scavenger hunt where people can answer the questions and enter for a chance at a door prize," said Kari Burkey, Organization Director for The Farm Bureau.

People are french toast, pancakes and sausage for breakfast, for the price of only $1. Students from John Glenn, Tri-Valley, East Muskingum and the vocational school  volunteered at Saturday’s event.

"It seems that a lot of people are a couple generations removed from a farm today and especially younger kids, we just want to show that their food doesn’t come from a grocery store and that there are a lot of local farmers in the area who are raising their meat, milk and poultry products."

The proceeds from Saturday’s breakfast will go towards charity.