Flood Display

by Katie McGraw on March 4, 2013 at 6:33 am

The 100 year anniversary of the Great Flood of 1913 is being observed in many ways in the next two months.

The John McIntire Library is gearing up for the historic date, with a series of events and to enhance those events, there is a display case and bulletin board with images of the flood on loan from individual collections.

Assistant Director, Blair Tom said, "From collections of community members, a bible that survived the 1913 flood, and some of the dirt and mud can still be seen on that, and a collection of picture postcards that were produced during 1913 following the flood."

Tom says he hopes the temporary memorabilia will become permanent.

"Well, we are very hopeful that as we move forward, some of these photographs and memorabilia will be then donated as part of a permanent legacy, to The Pioneer and Historical Society for a permanent 1913 flood display."

This coming Saturday will be the kickoff for a series of three weekend events to commemorate the flood. If you are interested in attending those, they are open to the public and free of charge. Also a Schedule can be found at the Library’s website or you can call them with questions.