Foxfire High School Fundraiser

by Katie McGraw on March 1, 2013 at 6:48 am

If you have been craving hamburgers and milkshakes curb your appetite next Wednesday at the Steak and Shake on Zane Street to help raise money for a local school.

Foxfire High School is teaming up with the restaurant to build funds for the schools annual yearbook by taking a small percentage from each bill.

"The fundraiser will work that everybody who comes in, ten percent of the proceeds from their check will go to funding our yearbook, so we will get 10% of the proceeds from 4 to 10 next Wednesday, " said English teacher, Heather Hare.

The school has done fundraising events before in order to have a yearbook but this year’s will be an upgrade from last year’s memorabilia.

Dakota Shaw, Skyler Pierce, and John Smith are three Yearbook Club Members.  "It’s special because the school is paying for at least half of it, whereas it’s actually a book this time not a cd, you can actually store it somewhere not just look like a little piece of paper." Shaw said.

"Some good looking people," said Smith.

"Mainly three," Shaw added.

The yearbook clubs has set a goal of around $300.