Nichole Hannahs

Fundraiser for Cancer Patient

by Nichole Hannahs on March 7, 2013 at 7:07 am

A local woman fights for her life as friends rally behind her.

Doty Samson was diagnosed with lung cancer in September. Her treatments leave her sensitive to light and during her last check up the original cancer mass had grown smaller, but two more spots had shown up.

As she fights off the cancer her friends have decided to help her through a fundraising event.

"I knew that Doty didn’t have a lot of money to do the things she needed to do," explained Event Organizer Tammy Baker. "When she found out she wanted to make sure that her funeral was paid for, she didn’t want to leave the burden to her sons. She also wanted to do a little bucket list and I wanted to help her do that."

Doty, is the mother of Santana Ivy, who was killed six years ago. Her friends said that even though she’s faced hard times, she’s always been there to help them. She’s thankful for their support.

"I love them all and deep down in my heart I thank everybody for helping me, for donating everything and just getting together," said Samson.

The fundraiser will take place Saturday, March 9 at Putnam Tavern from 6 p.m. until close. A $5.00 donation will get you through the door. Food will be available. An auction featuring NASCAR, Cleveland Browns and Ohio State items will take place. There will also be over 25 musicians, one of which is Doty’s brother Bobby Dale.