Grain Bin Rescue Training

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 22, 2013 at 5:35 am

The Washington Twp. Fire Department is using a training simulator on a 40 ft., semi-truck to help firefighters, rescue personnel, and farmers prepare for grain bin emergencies.

"Grain is a biological product, it’s not like gravel or sand. It’s going to change, expand, it may mold or go out of condition, there could be bugs. So the farmer really needs to protect his investment, he needs to go in and monitor that so when we say, you’re going to enter a bin, you need to do it safely," said OSU Agricultural Safety and Health Leader, Dee Jepson.

Grain bin accidents happen when someone tries to break up hardened grain in bins and silos which can potentially collapse, causing suffocation and death. Jepsen says grain bin accidents kill about 14 people every 10 years in Ohio.

"We have a problem in the state of Ohio with agricultural deaths and injures. One of those problems happens to involve flowing grain, whether it’s in a grain bin or gravity wagon around harvest season so one of the things that we do in our state safety program is do a lot of education for farmers and farming communities."

You can go to the Ohio Department of Labor website, for safety and health guidelines on grain bin handling.