Nichole Hannahs

Historic Building Seeks Owner

by Nichole Hannahs on March 6, 2013 at 6:38 am

The City of Zanesville will soon search for new owners of a historic building.

At last month’s City Council meeting officials passed an ordinance to allow the building at 131 Market Street to be turned over to the Community Improvement Corporation for sale. The boarded up building was once a passenger depot for the railroad.

The city hopes that by making this move it will allow someone to come in and revitalize the property.

"It’s an arm that allows us to avoid the normal bidding process and be able to look at what’s the highest and best use," explained Community Development Director Stacy Clapper. "We can look at community and economic development and look towards an owner that will provide some useful reutilization of the building to be an important part of downtown."

The city has to wait 30 days from the time the ordinance was passed for it to go into effect. When the city took back the building from its previous owner almost three years ago, they also assumed $20,000 in debt which would be the minimum debt that would need to be covered by the buyer.

"We would look at the highest and best use," said Clapper. "We certainly would look at the capacity either the potential new owner or non profit to be able to utilize that building and maintain it and manage it over time. We’ll certainly be looking at their ability to gain funding to rehabilitate it and to put it into the use that they are looking to do."

Clapper said some non profit groups and private owners have already shown interest in the property.