Meeting On Utica Shale Drilling

by Mackenzie Stasko on March 6, 2013 at 9:56 am

Over 200 people gathered at the Southwest Coshocton and Muskingum County Landowner’s Association meeting earlier tonight. The monthly meeting was held at Tri-Valley High School in Dresden to discuss oil drilling and leases. The association’s petroleum engineering consultant, and two legal teams were at the meeting to answer any questions the landowners had.

"The purpose is to get landowners together to form a group that will present a really good package to oil and gas companies that are interested in leasing property," said Marietta College professor and the association’s Petroleum Engineering Consultant, Robert Chase.

Residents who have mineral rights on their property deed are eligible to join the landowner’s association. Chase says southeastern Ohio is attractive to gas and oil companies because of the depth and high temperature in the Utica Point Pleasant Shale that produces natural gas.

"From experience, working down in southeastern Ohio, down around Marietta, Monroe County, Guernsey, Washington, we’ve had great success down there getting landowner association leases and we’d like the landowners in this area do the same."

It’s still unclear of when the leases and drilling will actually start. You can find more information at www.