Muskingum County is Ranked Low for Health

by Katie McGraw on March 20, 2013 at 6:54 am

Today the 2013 County Health Rankings for the state of Ohio were released and Muskingum County is not doing well.

Out of the 88 counties in the state, Muskingum was ranked 73rd for overall health outcomes and 59th for the health factors. The health factors are the actions that lead to the end outcome such as obesity, smoking or sexual transmitted diseases.

Jody Stones, a Community Health Planner said, "Health outcomes are more when you are at the end and leads to death from a disease process and health factors are the things that lead up to it and the things you might to do to help with your overall health in preventing you getting to that point that you are so ill that it might cause death or mortality."

The Health Department works to make the county healthier by having agencies team up and assess the community. Then they created a health improvement plan to attack these health risks.

" We looked at all the groups that exist in this community, like the suicide coalition and we have banded together with those groups to look at what are their goals and objections and strategies. And we have woven those into the plan and then we try to link a member with that group, so that we are working together you know not duplicating services."


Stones also notes that more people are active when they have someone else to be active with so get a friend or family member and work to get healthier. The health improvement plan is on the Zanesville Muskingum County Health Department’s website.